Friday, May 25, 2012

To An Adolescent Who Won't Mow The Lawn

I’m your father. You’re my son.
The bond is sure and strong.
I feed and clothe and house you.
You’re supposed to mow the lawn.

It’s what I pay allowance for
I’ve paid it all along
I’ve paid and paid and paid and paid.
Please go and mow the lawn.

You’re a member of the family
So show us you belong
Stop the texting. Pause the game.
Go and mow the lawn.

It’s not too hot. The gas tank’s full.
Your last excuse is gone.
Don’t put it off. The time has come.
Please go and mow the lawn.

The neighbors doubt our parenting
They wonder what went wrong
How did we raise the kind of boy
Who just won’t mow the lawn.

Someday soon you’ll get a car
You’ll drive off. You’ll be gone.
And as you do I’ll yell after you
"Come back and mow the lawn."